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Wellness / Fitness    
There are the most popular and trendy health and fitness training and training facilities from all over the world. Enable the cardiovascular training with the Advanced Workouts Console, pair with Lifecycle, Lifecircuit, Lifestep from Life Fitness and Universal equipments, the number one brand of fitness equipment in health clubs worldwide, for added workout variety and advanced programs to better help you reach your fitness goals.Great selection of free weights in our Hard Rock Gym.

Aerobic, Thai-Bo, Stretching, Wellness- and Slimming gymnastic.
Speed up recovery and refreshment after the training at our Protein and Fruit Juice bar.

Slimming Gymnastic
You can find this special Slimming Gymnastic only at Römerbad-Salzgitter,
a gymnastic program composed by us, in which you can get rid of your last stubborn pound.

Also known as Marathon-Gymnastic, only available to experienced
sports fans. This is a hard and effective training program for entire body.

Thai-Bo is one of the hottest sports from the USA; anyone can participate
in Thai-Bo training, from essentials to advanced. With this program you
can burn 800 cal. per hour. This is the ultimate program, with which you will
get and keep your stunning figure with flying colors.

Wellness and Relaxing Gymnastic
Wellness and Relaxing Gymnastic challenges and eases simultaneously.
It is a great method against posture defects, tension, and circulatory variations.
You could forget all the stress, noise and haste, instead of a whole new soothing
relaxing feeling. More and more gymnastic fans are impressed from this gymnastic.

This extremely soft exercise is the newest sports trend. It created "The Pilates Principles"
to condition the entire body: proper alignment, centering, concentration, control, precision,
breathing, and flowing movement. The class is known to be of huge benefit to many
different types of people from all types of backgrounds.